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Dreher Präzisionsteile GmbH
passionate about turned and milled parts

Dreher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH stands for innovation and flexibility in the manufacture of precision machined parts – always made in Germany. As a medium-sized turning shop, we have set out to make the impossible possible. We manufacture and supply CNC turned and milled parts of an outstanding quality at fair prices.

You can count on our support at every stage of your project, from the initial drawing to the CNC machining process, which is individually tailored to each customer, right down to the finishing. We continuously communicate with our customers to ensure the success of every project.

We are up for any challenge: complex turned parts, hard-to-cut materials, new manufacturing methods, you name it! Thanks to the compact size of our team, we are adaptable, flexible and always ready to solve the next tricky task. Inquire about your CNC project now.

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Employees - Dreher CNC

Our turning shop team –
collaborative, flexible and helpful

Our team consists of 19 motivated, experienced employees. What we all have in common? Our passion for complex CNC parts, our expertise in CNC manufacturing, and our indomitable team spirit. All our employees have been in the turning sector for many years. They undergo regular professional development and work together on complex CNC projects like a well-oiled machine. Our enthusiastic team constitutes the foundation, the strength, and the potential that underpin the success of Dreher CNC.

Ingo Dreher, the founder of Dreher Präzisionsteile GmbH and a qualified engineer himself, was born at the heart of Germany’s metalworking centre. He combines a passion for CNC turned and milled parts with unparalleled expertise in mechanical engineering. Ingo’s curiosity about new manufacturing procedures and his interest in complex CNC projects has made Dreher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH what it is today.




CNC machines – reliability in manufacturing

Reliable CNC machines are essential when it comes to dealing with a wide range of turned and milled parts. Our entire machinery comes from the manufacturer INDEX Werke GmbH, so all our CNC machines are based on state-of-the-art computer technology and CAD programmes. This ensures that our turned and milled parts are highly reproducible at a consistent quality. Whether it be turning or milling work, the CNC turning machines from our reputable supplier allow us to process any machinable material.

Thanks to our CNC machinery, we can ensure maximum productivity, and our customers benefit from the rapid delivery of their ordered parts. On-time production, high availability, and minimal downtime are a given with our INDEX machines!

Location - Dreher CNC

A CNC turning shop at the heart of Germany’s metalworking centre

Our turning shop is located at the heart of one of Germany’s largest metalworking regions. It is an area with a long tradition of metal processing. The region offers many advantages to CNC manufacturers: it is well connected and home to many high-quality suppliers. Living up to the high standard set by the ‘made in Germany’ label is very important to us. We produce exclusively in Germany, and all our raw materials are sourced from European suppliers.

CNC turned parts – for when you need the highest possible quality

Our CNC turned and milled parts are custom-made components of the highest quality. Thanks to our modern CNC machinery, we can produce large batches at a consistent quality. During our controlled processes, your CNC parts are regularly checked against our quality standards. We work with cutting-edge quality assurance methods, and the compact size of our business enables us to react to any errors or mistakes without delay.

We currently hold the following certificates:
ISO 9001:2015 certificate
ISO 14001:2015 certificate


Precision machined parts.
The difficult. The impossible. All of them.

We place high value on care and professionalism, not only in our machined parts but also in the responsibility we feel in all our business relationships. This code of conduct guides our thoughts and actions and ensures the very high standards which enable us to find a creative, innovative and individual solution for every CNC problem.

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CNC turned parts - Dreher CNC

CNC turned & milled parts
– complex, precise & custom-made

In CNC machining, complex tasks with specific requirements of the turned and milled parts are the norm. Dreher CNC is therefore specialised in cooperating with the customer to design simple, high-quality and low-cost solutions for their CNC components. Whether you require small or large series, we supply you with precision-turned and milled parts in complex geometrical shapes and high accuracy for any industrial sector.

Our expert team supports you in every stage of CNC machining. From consulting and drafting of drawings through to prototype construction and development of your production-ready CNC turned or milled parts, we offer everything from a single source. Simply ask us to custom-manufacture your CNC turned or milled parts to your very specific dimensions. Rely on our many years of experience in CNC machining and our passion for unparalleled precision.
We look forward to your complex project!

CNC turned parts
– custom-made to your specifications

Computer-aided manufacturing technology is used for the production of CNC turned parts. Modern CNC turning machines automatically produce turned parts by rotating a solid workpiece. As the workpiece rotates, a fixed cutting tool removes material and shapes the workpiece into the required form. Turning machines are often combined with power-driven tools and milling spindles. However, at Dreher CNC we can manufacture almost any part with a turning machine.

We can make precision-turned components with raw material diameters of around 10 mm to 200 mm. Whether non-ferrous metals, stainless steel or other steel types, we turn your parts to the dimensions you require, achieving precision in the μ range. We also work with longstanding partners so that you can also order enhanced products from us with finishes such as galvanized coatings, chemical nickel coatings and surface treatments. Simply ask us now about your turned part project so that you can receive your CNC component in unrivalled quality and precision!

Milled components
– precise, fully automated production

At Dreher CNC, we make complex CNC milled components to the highest level of precision using 5-axis CNC milling machines. Just like our turning machines, our milling machines make use of computer-aided manufacturing technology. Milling machines are used to remove material from solid workpieces. Once a workpiece is clamped in place, our 5-axis milling machine can machine it from all sides, meaning that we can also fabricate complex geometries if required.

Our high-performance CNC milling machines are capable of machining a wide range of steel types and grades. We fashion precision, high-quality milled components from a machining size of 300 x 600 x 400 mm. Our automated production allows us to mill everything from small to large series in consistent quality. We cooperate with expert, longstanding partners who take care of further technical challenges such as finishing and surface treatment. Simply send us your ideas, designs or construction drawings for your CNC milled components. We’ll take care of custom development of the components so that the results precisely comply with your requirements.

From a sketch on a serviette to the
first prototype – we know how to get you there.

Every prototype starts with the customer's vision. Sometimes this is already so well developed that the path from CAD drawing to CNC software and onto the CNC milling machine is a short one. However, the vision is frequently just an enquiry over the phone or an email with a rough sketch attached.

This is where Ingo Dreher, the founder of Dreher CNC, comes into his own. His passion is prototype construction – something new that perhaps has never even been attempted before.

The tools of his craft: paper and pencil. Where he is most effective: sitting down around a table with the customer. He is the man who translates the customer's vision into initial sketches, who compiles a huge range of materials in his mind, plays through the complete 6 pages of machining process at over 30 tool stations in his head and in the end says:

"Not easy, but doable. Let's get started."

Dreher CNC - your small run specialist.

Dreher CNC is part of a metalworking tradition which stretches way back before the days of industrialisation. A time in which metal was formed with a strong hand and new ideas were forged at every turn. The time of smiths and manufactories.

Our awareness of our craft is reflected in our state-of-the-art precision production of small runs.

Seven Dreher CNC case studies.
From the difficult to the impossible.


„Let the metal itself speak.“

- The Dwarf King -


We can't say whether that quote really comes from a dwarf king. Nevertheless, we live, work and produce here in the Swabian Jura mountains – and there are plenty of stories here about steel, copper, silver and gold. Metal really can speak, and that's why we have selected seven Dreher CNC machined parts to speak for themselves in pictures and as case studies:

The difficult. The impossible. All of them.

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Your contact to Dreher CNC

We thank you for your interest in our company and our products!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the options below.
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Dreher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH

Steigäcker 10
78582 Balgheim

Doppelter Pfeil Fax: +49 (0) 7424 / 502823

Doppelter Pfeil E-Mail: E-Mail:

Your approach to us

From the A81 motorway

Leave the A81 at exit 34 (Rottweil) and take the B14 towards Spaichingen / Tuttlingen. Follow the B14 to Balgheim. Through Balgheim follow the main road and then turn opposite the “Netto” market left onto the street Schlossäcker. After 120 m turn right onto the street Steigäcker. Continue straight on and at the first possibility turn right again into the dead-end. You will find us at the end of the street.


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