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Dreher CNC.
Our name is our profession.

Our production range is easily described:

Difficult and impossible machined parts that other manufacturers simply can't handle. These hard-to-cut materials, extreme geometries and completely new production processes are our niche. And we fill that niche very nicely.

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Employees - Dreher CNC

21 highly qualified employees.

Our highly qualified, motivated and experienced employees identify strongly with our company and the complexity of its products. They are the foundation, the strength and the potential of Dreher CNC – when it comes to both innovation and the manufacturing of CNC machined parts.

32 CNC machines. 14 of which are 6-axis.

Before you can successfully handle an enormous variety of extremely complex tasks you need state-of-the-art machinery. Even in our very diverse field of operation, we are always striving to achieve maximum productivity and prompt delivery to our customers. That's why we only use new CNC milling machines procured from reputable German manufacturers. This guarantees that we are able to stick to schedules, that we can respond quickly to orders and that we experience minimum breakdowns in production, since any service necessary is quickly obtained.

Location - Dreher CNC

In the heart of "Made in Germany".

Dreher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH is located at the foot of the Heuberg mountain in the heart of Europe's stronghold for manufacturing machined parts. Metal and the processing of metal has a long tradition in this region, the beautiful Swabian Jura mountains of Germany.

Some say that if dwarves live anywhere under the earth, then they live here.

Precision machined parts.
The difficult. The impossible. All of them.

We place high value on care and professionalism, not only in our machined parts but also in the responsibility we feel in all our business relationships. This code of conduct guides our thoughts and actions and ensures the very high standards which enable us to find a creative, innovative and individual solution for every CNC problem.

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CNC turned parts - Dreher CNC

Our daily bread:
The wedding cake of CNC machined parts.

CNC machined parts that other providers can't handle are just our thing. Our customers are specialist small businesses, SMEs and large corporations from all sectors of the industry. They are all seeking solutions for complex machined parts, small production runs and prototypes – and they find them here.

Dreher CNC provides expert consultation ahead of production, plenty of experience and precision as well as consistent quality in the end product. With all this in mind, our "daily bread" often turns out to be a wedding cake, a true masterpiece: CNC machined parts or projects which are frequently unique in terms of manufacture.

From a sketch on a serviette to the
first prototype – we know how to get you there.

Every prototype starts with the customer's vision. Sometimes this is already so well developed that the path from CAD drawing to CNC software and onto the CNC milling machine is a short one. However, the vision is frequently just an enquiry over the phone or an email with a rough sketch attached.

This is where Ingo Dreher, the founder of Dreher CNC, comes into his own. His passion is prototype construction – something new that perhaps has never even been attempted before.

The tools of his craft: paper and pencil. Where he is most effective: sitting down around a table with the customer. He is the man who translates the customer's vision into initial sketches, who compiles a huge range of materials in his mind, plays through the complete 6 pages of machining process at over 30 tool stations in his head and in the end says:

"Not easy, but doable. Let's get started."

Dreher CNC - your small run specialist.

Dreher CNC is part of a metalworking tradition which stretches way back before the days of industrialisation. A time in which metal was formed with a strong hand and new ideas were forged at every turn. The time of smiths and manufactories.

Our awareness of our craft is reflected in our state-of-the-art precision production of small runs.

Ingo Dreher:
Founder, managing director, problem solver.

Ingo Dreher, founder of Dreher CNC, was born in the Swabian Jura mountains of Germany. Right in the heart of this, Germany's major metalworking region. And you can tell. In the way in which he speaks about his work, about metal itself and about the ways in which it can be worked. Customers who have developed small production runs and prototypes with him say,

"That Ingo Dreher, he has liquid metal in his blood."

His passion is backed up by the highest level of expertise in engineering and leadership. These skills, combined with the fact that he is always looking forward, searching for new production techniques for Dreher CNC to discover and use, make him our not-so-secret weapon: they make him THE problem solver whenever it comes to difficult and impossible machined parts.


Seven Dreher CNC case studies.
From the difficult to the impossible.


„Let the metal itself speak.“

- The Dwarf King -


We can't say whether that quote really comes from a dwarf king. Nevertheless, we live, work and produce here in the Swabian Jura mountains – and there are plenty of stories here about steel, copper, silver and gold. Metal really can speak, and that's why we have selected seven Dreher CNC machined parts to speak for themselves in pictures and as case studies:

The difficult. The impossible. All of them.

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Your contact to Dreher CNC

We thank you for your interest in our company and our products!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the options below.
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Dreher Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH

Steigäcker 10
78582 Balgheim

Phone: +49 (0) 7424 / 501021
Fax: +49 (0) 7424 / 502823

Your approach to us

From the A81 motorway

Leave the A81 at exit 34 (Rottweil) and take the B14 towards Spaichingen / Tuttlingen. Follow the B14 to Balgheim. Through Balgheim follow the main road and then turn opposite the “Netto” market left onto the street Schlossäcker. After 120 m turn right onto the street Steigäcker. Continue straight on and at the first possibility turn right again into the dead-end. You will find us at the end of the street.


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